aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Kolkata

Total: 154

Mir Amman

1748 - 1806

Notable author associated with the prestigious Fort William College, also laid the foundation of modern Urdu Prose

Prominent later – classical poet from Bengal

well-known poet of classical tone and tenor

Alqama Shibli

1930 - 2019

Well-known poet from Kolkata, wrote Ghazal, Nazm, and Rubai; published several collections of poetry for children, also edited several literary journals

Jameel Mazhari

1904 - 1979

One of the outstanding pre-modern poets known for his radical views.

Jazib Quraishi

1940 - 2021

One of the most prominent contemporary poets known for his unique love-poetry

Mael Lakhnavi

1905 - 1968

Parvez Shahidi

1910 - 1968

Prominet poet of New Nazm

Salik Lakhnavi

1913 - 2013

Translator, Poet and compiler and researcher of the ‘Kulliyat-e-Nazeer’

Wafa Rashidi

1926 - 2003

Waheed Arshi

1943 - 1986

Wakil Akhtar

1936 - 1971

Journalist and poet, known for his humour and satire

Azhar Qadiri

1929 - 2003

C. R. Das

1870 - 1925

Faragh Rohvi

1956 - 2020

An active literary journalist and engaged in his printing and publishing business. Besides being a poet, critic and translator he writes short stories and travelogues.

Fayyaz Hashmi

1920 - 2011

Ibraheem Hosh

1918 - 1988

Poet,Critic,Journalist and honorary editor of literary magazine "Tmseel-e-Nau"

Prominent upcoming poet and critic. Recipient of Sahitya Academy's Yuva Puraskar.

Critic & Poet

P. C. Bagchi was one of the most notable Sino -Indologists of the 20th century. He was the third Upacharya (Vice-Chancellor) of Visva-Bharati University.

One of the key figures in establishing Azimabad as a School of Urdu Poetry. Earned the coveted titles of 'Shams-ul-Ulema' and 'Khan Bahadur'.

Zafar Uganwi

1939 - 1996

One of the most popular poets who died young.

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