Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

Well-known poet and editor of literary journal 'Istefsaar'


Pakistani poet, journalist, and translator known for his book containing translations of Sindhi literature

1928 Karachi

A poet known for his poems on personalities, incidents, festivals, and topical issues. Also wrote a play called 'Hindustani Soorma'

Prominent classical poet and contemporary of Dagh Dehlavi, reflecting all the values of romantic bohimianism of classical Urdu ghazal.

1911 -2002 Aligarh

Prominent poet who mastered the poetic idiom of Lucknow poetry.

1896 -1978 Karachi

One of the prominent poets of Pakistan known for his unique responses to modern-day social issues in his Ghazals and Nazms

1977 Pakistan

Prominent among the poets of Kashmir, published two collections, 'Raaste Manzilein' and 'Patta Patta'

A promising poet from Pakistan who committed suicide at the age of 27

1960 -1986 Multan

Prominent post-modern poet who went missing in 1996

1956 Aligarh

A poet to draw upon traditional poetics, published several poetry collections

A well-known poet of mystical thoughts

1834 -1917 Ghazipur

A prominent poet and scholar of Lucknow, a disciple of Dagh and Natiq Gulawathhi, known for his annotations of Ghalib and Hafiz, and editing the works of the earliest women poets of Urdu

1893 -1946 Lucknow

A poet of humour; published a collection of poems 'Andaaz-e-Bayaan'

1972 Saharanpur

Poet and writer, known for his critical work on childrens’ literature

1962 Kolkata

A poet and journalist from Haryana; also the editor of a newspaper called 'Paigham'

1915 -1993 Sonipat

well-known poet of classical tone and tenor

1906 -1969 Kolkata