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mohabbat rañg de jaatī hai jab dil dil se miltā hai

magar mushkil to ye hai dil baḌī mushkil se miltā hai

mohabbat rang de jati hai jab dil dil se milta hai

magar mushkil to ye hai dil baDi mushkil se milta hai

Jaleel Manikpuri

kamar bāñdhe hue chalne ko yaañ sab yaar baiThe haiñ

bahut aage ga.e baaqī jo haiñ tayyār baiThe haiñ

kamar bandhe hue chalne ko yan sab yar baiThe hain

bahut aage gae baqi jo hain tayyar baiThe hain

Insha Allah Khan 'Insha'

manzil pe bhī pahuñch ke mayassar nahīñ sakūñ

majbūr is qadar haiñ shu.ūr-e-safar se ham

manzil pe bhi pahunch ke mayassar nahin sakun

majbur is qadar hain shuur-e-safar se hum

Karamat Ali Karamat
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bāhar bāhar sannāTā hai andar andar shor bahut

dil ghanī bastī meñ yaaro aan base haiñ chor bahut

bahar bahar sannaTa hai andar andar shor bahut

dil ki ghani basti mein yaro aan base hain chor bahut

Umar Ansari

kahīñ zamīñ se ta.alluq na ḳhatm ho jaa.e

bahut na ḳhud ko havā meñ uchhāliye sāhib

kahin zamin se talluq na KHatm ho jae

bahut na KHud ko hawa mein uchhaaliye sahib

Rajendra Nath Rahbar
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  • शिकन
  • شکن


wrinkle/ fold

shikan na Daal jabīñ par sharāb dete hue

ye muskurātī huī chiiz muskurā ke pilā

shikan na Dal jabin par sharab dete hue

ye muskuraati hui chiz muskura ke pila


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The Urdu language is spoken by 104 million people throughout the world. Most of these Urdu speakers are either from India or Pakistan, but a considerable number, who have migrated from the Indian subcontinent, are found in Europe and America, too, where Urdu newspapers, books, and magazines are published, Mushairas are organized, and literary gatherings are held. These places are now being dubbed as Urdu’s new abodes.
Among the people who have gone to the Middle East in search of employment are a large number of Urdu speakers who have been living there for years.

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Baqar Mehdi

Baqar Mehdi


Radical Urdu critic who wrote unconventional poetry.

charāġh-e-hasrat-o-armāñ bujhā ke baiThe haiñ

har ek tarh se ḳhud ko jalā ke baiThe haiñ

charagh-e-hasrat-o-arman bujha ke baiThe hain

har ek tarh se KHud ko jala ke baiThe hain

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