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inhīñ pattharoñ pe chal kar agar aa sako to aao

mire ghar ke rāste meñ koī kahkashāñ nahīñ hai

inhin pattharon pe chal kar agar aa sako to aao

mere ghar ke raste mein koi kahkashan nahin hai

Mustafa Zaidi

is zindagī meñ itnī farāġhat kise nasīb

itnā na yaad aa ki tujhe bhuul jaa.eñ ham

is zindagi mein itni faraghat kise nasib

itna na yaad aa ki tujhe bhul jaen hum

Ahmad Faraz

maktab-e-ishq dastūr nirālā dekhā

us ko chhuTTī na milī jis ko sabaq yaad huā

maktab-e-ishq ka dastur nirala dekha

us ko chhuTTi na mili jis ko sabaq yaad hua

Meer Tahir Ali Rizvi
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kah rahā hai shor-e-dariyā se samundar sukūt

jis jitnā zarf hai utnā vo ḳhāmosh hai

the river's raging is advised by the tranquil sea

the greater power you possess, the quieter you be

kah raha hai shor-e-dariya se samundar ka sukut

jis ka jitna zarf hai utna hi wo KHamosh hai

the river's raging is advised by the tranquil sea

the greater power you possess, the quieter you be

Natiq Lakhnavi

bahut pahle se un qadmoñ aahaT jaan lete haiñ

tujhe ai zindagī ham duur se pahchān lete haiñ

bahut pahle se un qadmon ki aahaT jaan lete hain

tujhe ai zindagi hum dur se pahchan lete hain

Firaq Gorakhpuri


  • मक़्तल
  • مقتل


a place of slaughter or, execution

ye kis ne ham se lahū ḳhirāj phir māñgā

abhī to so.e the maqtal ko surḳh-rū kar ke

ye kis ne hum se lahu ka KHiraj phir manga

abhi to soe the maqtal ko surKH-ru kar ke




Poet and writer, Kishwar Naheed's astonishingly titled book "Buri Aurat ki Katha" was published in India in1994. The auto biography is more concerned with the social status of women in general rather than then her life story. The first six out of thirteen chapters of the book encompasses details  of her hometown Bulandshahar, her family traditions, difficulties of migrating to Pakistan during Partition, making pen-friends at the tender age of 13, college days in Lahore, Mushairas etc.
A chapter titled "Pehli laghzish" includes details of  her affair and sudden secret marriage  with Yusuf Kamran which led to severed ties with her  family and a bitter relationship with her in laws. She also talks about her financial troubles, childbirth and upbringing and the extravagant,  flirtatious, lifestyle of her husband. Kishwar in her book talks about friends from all over the world,  government servants and contemporary poets and writers with little hesitation. In doing so, she  unmasks them. She also describes incidence of odd and funny  behavior  of  people  under the influence of alchohol . Apart from this, she  discusses   certain  feminine  historical   characters with feminist  standpoint. The style of the book is very different from other autobiographies. There are long monologues and soliloquies between the description of events which creates an effect of prosaic poetry.

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Kaif Bhopali

Kaif Bhopali


Popular poet and lyricist famous for his lyrics in film Paakeeza.

kaun aa.egā yahāñ koī na aayā hogā

merā darvāza havāoñ ne hilāyā hogā

kaun aaega yahan koi na aaya hoga

mera darwaza hawaon ne hilaya hoga

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