ye KHayal tha kabhi KHwab mein tujhe dekhte

Tariq Naeem

ye KHayal tha kabhi KHwab mein tujhe dekhte

Tariq Naeem

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    ye ḳhayāl thā kabhī ḳhvāb meñ tujhe dekhte

    kabhī zindagī kitāb meñ tujhe dekhte

    mire maah tum to hijāb meñ rahe magar

    hameñ taab thī tab-o-tāb meñ tujhe dekhte

    kabhī koī bābat-e-husn ham se jo pūchhtā

    to ham ahl-e-ishq javāb meñ tujhe dekhte

    kisī aur dhaj se banāte terā mujassama

    kabhī ham jo ain-shabāb meñ tujhe dekhte

    kabhī dekhte tujhe tīrgī ke jamāl meñ

    kabhī raushnī ke sarāb meñ tujhe dekhte

    ye KHayal tha kabhi KHwab mein tujhe dekhte

    kabhi zindagi ki kitab mein tujhe dekhte

    mere mah tum to hijab hi mein rahe magar

    hamein tab thi tab-o-tab mein tujhe dekhte

    kabhi koi babat-e-husn hum se jo puchhta

    to hum ahl-e-ishq jawab mein tujhe dekhte

    kisi aur dhaj se banate tera mujassama

    kabhi hum jo ain-shabab mein tujhe dekhte

    kabhi dekhte tujhe tirgi ke jamal mein

    kabhi raushni ke sarab mein tujhe dekhte

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    • Book : ruki huii shamon kii raahdaariyaz (Pg. 145)

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