teri jo zulf ka aaya KHayal aankhon mein

Shaikh Zahuruddin Hatim

teri jo zulf ka aaya KHayal aankhon mein

Shaikh Zahuruddin Hatim

MORE BYShaikh Zahuruddin Hatim

    tirī jo zulf aayā ḳhayāl āñkhoñ meñ

    vahīñ khaTakne lagā baal baal āñkhoñ meñ

    tirī jo chashm ke goshe meñ til hai aisā til

    nazar paḌā hai kahīñ ḳhaal ḳhaal āñkhoñ meñ

    nashe meñ surḳh haiñ aisī tarah se tere chashm

    goyā khilā hai kañval laal laal āñkhoñ meñ

    vo ḳhush-nigah tirī 'hātim' nazar paḌā hai aaj

    chhupā le us ke ta.iiñ haal haal āñkhoñ meñ

    teri jo zulf ka aaya KHayal aankhon mein

    wahin khaTakne laga baal baal aankhon mein

    teri jo chashm ke goshe mein til hai aisa til

    nazar paDa hai kahin KHal KHal aankhon mein

    nashe mein surKH hain aisi tarah se tere chashm

    goya khila hai kanwal lal lal aankhon mein

    wo KHush-nigah teri 'hatim' nazar paDa hai aaj

    chhupa le us ke tain haal haal aankhon mein

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    • Book : Diwan Zadah (Pg. 236)

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