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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Delhi

Total: 916

Well-known poet, story writer and translator, also known for her translations of modern Arabic stories

Aziz Warsi

1924 - 1989

Azeem Amrohvi

1945 - 2020

Azeem Amrohvi is an eminent Urdu Poet and Scholar.

Prominent critic and poet, worked as professor of Urdu in Delhi University

Prominent figure in Indian politics after Independence, held constructive thoughts towards the establishment of a better society; published a collection of poems 'Jung na Hone Denge'

Asrar jamayee

1937 - 2020

Prolific Urdu humour poet of classical mould with a perfect command on language and medium.

Ashraf Saboohi

1905 - 1990

A prominent member of Deputy Nazir Ahmad’s family; noted story writer and translator; known well for their narrative Dilli Ki Chand Ajeeb Hastiyan

Ashraf Ali Fughan

1725/6 - 1772

One of the prominent 18th Century poets / Contemporary to Mir Taqi Mir

Asar Dehlvi

1898 - 1978

Journalist and poet, known for his humour and satire

Arsh Malsiyani

1908 - 1979

Son of famous poet Josh Malsiyani.

A new generation poet from India

Anwar Sabri

1901 - 1985

A multi-faceted personality who was apart from being a religious scholar and freedom fighter had also been a poet reflecting Sufistic bohimianism

Pakistani poet and journalist

Anwar Dehlvi

1847 - 1885

Prominent later classical poet and disciple of Zauq & Ghalib who had written many oft quoted shers.

Anwar Azeem

1928 - 2000

Prominent modernist story writer, famous for his symbolic stories.

Anwar Anjum

1942 - 1967

Young poet and theater actor.

Anjum Usmani

1952 - 2021

Literary critic, translator, and bilingual poet

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