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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


chhabbis january

kanval Dibaivi

chhabbis january

kanval Dibaivi

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    gulshan meñ rut na.ī hai

    har samt be-ḳhudī hai

    har gul pe tāzgī hai

    masrūr zindagī hai

    sar-chashma-e-ḳhushī hai

    chhabbīs january hai

    har ḳhushī hai chhā.ī

    sab ne murād paa.ī

    phir january ye aa.ī

    yaum-e-surūr laa.ī murād hai

    chhabbīs january hai

    āñkhoñ meñ rañg-e-nau hai

    bātil se jañg-e-nau hai

    saaz aur chañg-e-nau hai

    har dar pe sañg-e-nau hai

    pur kaif zindagī hai

    chhabbīs january hai

    maiñ gungunā rahā huuñ

    mastī meñ rahā huuñ

    ḳhushiyāñ manā rahā huuñ

    aalam pe chhā rahā huuñ

    dil mahv-e-be-ḳhudī hai

    chhabbīs january hai

    hindostān ḳhush hai

    har pāsbān ḳhush hai

    har nau-javān ḳhush hai

    saarā jahān ḳhush hai

    ek josh-e-sarmadī hai

    chhabbīs january hai

    gulshan mein rut nai hai

    har samt be-KHudi hai

    har gul pe tazgi hai

    masrur zindagi hai

    sar-chashma-e-KHushi hai

    chhabbis january hai

    har su KHushi hai chhai

    sab ne murad pai

    phir january ye aai

    yaum-e-surur lai

    saat murad ki hai

    chhabbis january hai

    aankhon mein rang-e-nau hai

    baatil se jang-e-nau hai

    saz aur chang-e-nau hai

    har dar pe sang-e-nau hai

    pur kaif zindagi hai

    chhabbis january hai

    main gunguna raha hun

    masti mein ga raha hun

    KHushiyan mana raha hun

    aalam pe chha raha hun

    dil mahw-e-be-KHudi hai

    chhabbis january hai

    hindostan KHush hai

    har pasban KHush hai

    har nau-jawan KHush hai

    sara jahan KHush hai

    ek josh-e-sarmadi hai

    chhabbis january hai


    Mizraab (Kulliyat) (Pg. 69)

    • Author: Prof. Ibne Kanwal
      • Edition: 2010
      • Publisher: Kitabi Duniya, Delhi
      • Year of Publication: 2010

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