Dohe on Tanz

We often use the word

“humour” with “satire” as they form a combination together and help us see the two aspects of life as such. Satires are of many kinds; they are dark and corrosive, as well as gentle and reformative. Verses in this section will help you appreciate the significance of satire in poetical terms.

bachcha bolā dekh kar masjid ālī-shān

allāh tere ek ko itnā baḌā makān

bachcha bola dekh kar masjid aali-shan

allah tere ek ko itna baDa makan

Nida Fazli

bhītar kyā kyā ho rahā ai dil kuchh to bol

ek aañkh ro.e bahut ek hañse khol

bhitar kya kya ho raha ai dil kuchh to bol

ek aankh roe bahut ek hanse ji khol

Bhagwan Das Ejaz

Jashn-e-Rekhta | 2-3-4 December 2022 - Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Near India Gate, New Delhi

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